So what's this site about?, which is actually anticipated as "Smurles" which stands for ShrinkMyURLes. It's a short name and easy to remember, which makes it a perfect name for this project.

The idea is to provide SHORT url's from extremely long annoying url's, with a little twist. Most sites just offer the basic support of shortening long URLs. But sometimes it's about being fast. We have designed this script to be fast. Utilizaing our space and code we have managed to shorten URL's and in BULK extremely fast! We hate reloading, because that just takes long. You will enjoy our site because we don't reload. Everything will be processed behind the scenes and delivered ASAP!

Smurles is a project for experience, but of course the site will remain to stay public for as long as it lives!

So what does have to offer?
Our main objective is to make URL shrinking a fast and more enjoyable process. But that's just one of our amazing features that we have to offer.

- We have created a very unique UserCP for everyone! You are able to track hits, change the long URL and re-name the shortened URL! All this is done in the background, no page reloading at all!

- Sometimes developers that code in a different language might need something like this on their projects, or for the fun of it have it on your website too! This is possible with our free API service. That's right. You can shrink your URL's and get your visitors to shrink on your own website! In addition to this great feature, you are also able to change your error messages that could occur on your site if a visitor uses prohibited characters, or if they have forgotton to paste something in. This is all done through our UserCP!

- We are on Google Chrome! - That's right, you can now Smurl via our Chrome Extension if you are a Google Chrome user!

We hope we've fascinated you and hope that you will help us by telling your friends about us! - Thank you!

Dharmesh & U2 For Me.

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